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Photo of cheese assortment at Auberge De Launay for Guest Blog: What The Funk? on www., a blog by author of Cook Your Way Through The S.A.T., Charis Freiman-Mendel.

The garçon at the wonderful restaurant, Auberge De Launay, in Amboise, France, offered us a selection of cheeses from the region, which ranged from mild to funky.

France is known for its cheese. For Americans — us ugly American, francophile wannabees — we like the idea of IMMERSING ourselves in foreign culture, so you can imagine my excitement when presented with a cheese tray last night, after a marathon meal in Amboise. Following a dinner of GASTRONOMIC delights, including white asparagus and pig’s trotter, the garçon arrived with an attractive platter of cheese. He explained our selection, the smell and taste of which ranged from funky to what the funk. We opted for both the standard — brie, goat’s cheese — and the unusual — garlic and beer aged cheese.

Photo of beer cheese for Guest Blog: What The Funk, on, a website by author of Cook Your Way Through The S.A.T., Charis Freiman-Mendel.

Beer cheese proved to be the funkiest thing I have ever tasted.

Of particular note, the beer aged cheese had subtle notes of ammonia, perfumed with the aftertaste of something INEXPLICABLY rotten. In an attempt towards cultural PREENING and self AGGRANDIZEMENT, I convinced myself that my palate could stomach, and even enjoy, such obviously disgusting food. Only after I had brushed my teeth that night and removed the smell RESIDING under my fingernails did I have a chance to determine that I’m happy with RUN-OF-THE-MILL, non-experimental, at times Wal-Mart produced and processed, cheese.

  • IMMERSING = Involve, submerge, dip
  • GASTRONOMIC = Of or relating to food and cookery, especially the art of good eating
  • INEXPLICABLY = Unable to be explained
  • PREENING = Devote effort to making look attractive
  • AGGRANDIZEMENT = increase power or reputation, enhancing
  • RESIDING = Be present, situated
  • RUN-OF-THE-MILL = ordinary

What is the funkiest thing you’ve ever tasted?

Ross Freiman-Mendel

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