Product Review: The Salad Sac

Photo of salad sac for salad sac product review on by charis freiman-mendel, author of "cook your way through the s.a.t."

"Salad Sac:" A gimmick or true wonder?

During our recent spring break road trip, we DETOURED to Jekyll Island, Georgia, a must-see for my brother, who is interested in US history. The Jekyll Island Club is the place where, in 1910, financiers came up with the idea to create the Federal Reserve Bank. Sorry, Ben Bernanke, but me and my Mom decided we’d rather shop.

 My Mom found the “Salad Sac” in one of the tourist shops  and decided to try it because she hates throwing out food, and because the saleslady was so PERSUASIVE. The Salad Sac is a practical storage solution for keeping vegetables fresh. The idea behind it is simple. Place washed and slightly damp greens (or any produce) in the bag, refrigerate and enjoy crispy veggies for days.
I have no idea why this simple cotton bag works, but it does. We tried it out as soon as we got home from vacation, combining collard greens, dandelion greens, lacinato kale, spinach and celery all together in the sac. The veggies took on a perfectly crisp texture and stayed that way for days.

Some other benefits of the salad sac:

  • eliminate salad spinners
  • eliminate paper towel-drying
  • prepare salads ahead of time (note: do NOT put salad dressing in the bag!)

This product is definitely not gimmicky and I give it my UTMOST recommendation. Fortunately, you can buy it online for $10.95. Unfortunately for my Mom, she spent $25 for it on Jekyll Island!

  • DETOUR = deviate
  • PERSUASIVE = convincing
  • UTMOST = highest

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