Chocolate Lava Cake Fun Fact Blurb (More SAT Vocabulary)

Photo of chocolate lava cake, also known as chocolate volcano cake for fun fact blurb post by charis freiman-mendel, author of cook your way through the s.a.t.

Chocolate Lava Cake AKA Chocolate Volcano Cake

Enjoying lava cake depends on the CONVERGENCE of texture with taste and smell, the two CARDINAL senses needed to SAVOR food. The ability to MASTICATE ENHANCES appreciation of texture. Bite into the MOLTEN center of lava cake and enjoy the tasty, VISCOUS chocolate whose flow is STANCHED by the brownie-like exterior. To experience UNFALTERING pleasure, keep the thought of calories in ABEYANCE.

Good luck to everyone taking the March 10th SAT!


  • CONVERGENCE = coming together
  • CARDINAL = prime
  • SAVOR = appreciate
  • MASTICATE = chew
  • ENHANCES = increases
  • MOLTEN = liquid
  • VISCOUS = syrupy
  • STANCHED = stopped
  • ABEYANCE = suspension
  • UNFALTERING = firm

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