CollegePrepExpress SAT Vocabulary Contest

photo of sat vocabulary prizes for collegeprepexpress contest for blog by charis freiman-mendlel, author of cook your way through the s.a.t.

Ten winners will win these prizes and tutoring sessions with CollegePrepExpress

Dr. Michael Youmans, of CollegePrepExpress, is offering a contest to help students build SAT vocabulary, have fun, and earn valuable prizes. Here are the rules: read the Walter Isaacson biography of Steve Jobs, or listen to the audiobook version. Compile a list of all of the words you don’t know, email them to Dr. Yo and note the page or time stamp for the word.

I’m TOUTING this contest because:

  • the book has CAPTIVATED many readers and has been EXTOLLED by reviewers
  • the option of listening to the audiobook means auditory learners can’t DEMUR!
  • reading a 656 page book shows true commitment
  • by organizing the contest around a book, CPE avoids a SCATTERSHOT approach to learning vocabulary

I recommend “read, circle, lookup” as a very useful method for learning standardized test vocabulary. CPE does not require contestants to look up the words, but I recommend you do. Steve Jobs’ story will probably stick with you and so will the words.

Thank you to Dr. Yo for allowing me to re-post the contest announcement from his blog:

photo of collegeprepexpress blog post announcing student s.a.t. vocabulary contest by dr michael youmans, dr yo, for post by charis freiman-mendel, author of cook your way through the s.a.t.

















Learning while having fun is a key to any successful SAT test prep strategy. It’s the basis of Cook Your Way Through The S.A.T. and the CollegePrepExpress contest. Good luck!


  • TOUTING = promoting
  • CAPTIVATED = interested
  • EXTOLLED = praised
  • DEMUR = object
  • SCATTERSHOT = haphazard

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