Lentil Soup, Group Cook And Legally Blonde

Photo of Margot and Charis making lentil art before cooking organic lentil soup for blog post by charis freiman-mendel, author of cook your way through the s.a.t., on group cook, lentil soup and legally blonde

Margot and I made some lentil art while prepping for the soup

I meant to write a post on a recent “group cook” in which me, my friend Margot Janson and our Moms concocted a truly delicious lentil soup.  I meant to start it by noting that cooking is an activity that is AMENABLE to group effort. That word triggered an association that got me off track:

Photo of elle woods and warner at dinner from legally blonde movie for blog post by charis freiman-mendel, author of cook your way through the s.a.t. on lentil soup, group cooking and the movie legally blonde

The AMENABLE scene in "Legally Blonde."

I learned the word “amenable” in context, from the movie Legally Blonde. Elle Woods, the FLAXEN haired protagonist, is at dinner with her perfect boyfriend, Warner. She thinks he’s going to ask her to marry him. He says he would like to focus on their future and she replies, “I’m fully AMENABLE to that discussion.” He breaks up with her, which PROPELS her to get admitted to Harvard Law School.

In another part of the movie Elle mentions that she ran into Cameron Diaz at a boutique in Beverly Hills and talked her out of buying a HEINOUS sweater. 🙂

You can learn  a bunch of standardized test vocabulary while having fun watching Legally Blonde. Learning while having fun was the main idea behind Cook Your Way Through The S.A.T.

Sorry for the DIGRESSION. I’ll get back to the lentil soup recipe next time. Stay tuned!


  • AMENABLE = agreeable
  • FLAXEN = pale yellow color
  • PROPELS = drives
  • HEINOUS =horrific
  • DIGRESSION = detour

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