My Taste Buds Had A Rude Awakening

Charis, the S. A. T. gourmet,  photo of foot long hot dog

No thank you!

I’ve been at school for a few weeks and I’ve slowly realized that the food here is . . ok. Coming from a home where good food is always on the table, my standard is high.

Last night, for dinner, I had corn and fusilli pasta with mushrooms and spinach. Yes, the pasta does sound and is appetizing, but that’s because the cuisine left over from community lunch is always a treat. I normally opt for healthy food, such as salad from the salad bar, but after playing squash today, I needed carbs. Besides the fusilli, my other choices were a foot-long hot dog, pork, pizza or plain pasta. There were also some mysterious looking vegetables that I couldn’t identify.

One of my favorite dining hall stories involves my brother, Ross, who graduated Choate last year. During 3rd form, he asked one of the cooks what the fish of the day was. She replied by saying, “Pendiasis.” My brother never touched the fish again and I never will.

Luckily, my school does have some healthy options every day. I try to explore and create as many delicious and balanced meals as I can. You have to be TENACIOUS in going after food that’s good for you. It’s there, it just has to be found.


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