The Chronicle Of Higher Education

Lacey Johnson's story for the Chronicle of Higher Education

Yesterday I had an interview with Lacey Johnson, a reporter for the Chronicle Of Higher Education. She is an awesome writer and you can see her story if you follow this link:

Her story will also appear in the print version of the Chronicle. I’ll keep you posted.

Tomorrow, I have an interview scheduled with Russell Blair, a reporter for the Record-journal, a newspaper in Wallingford, Connecticut.

We have had a bunch of requests for review copies of the book… exciting!

I have been Choate for a week now… I have been busy figuring out how everything works. I had a cello audition tonight that had to be rescheduled. Tomorrow is my first day of squash… hoping to make varsity. I really like my teachers and already have so much work. So far, no time for cooking…UGH!


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