Publishing Is Like Renovating A Home.

About 2 1/2 weeks ago, my Mom and I received our first proof of CYWTTSAT. We read through it, found a few mistakes, and sent back our corrections thinking this was the last of editing. After further inspection, my Mom realized there was one more mistake. We called CreateSpace and asked them if they could fix our revisions before sending back another proof and having to wait even longer for publishing. We were informed that it was too late and we would have to hold out for another 2 weeks.

Moral of the story, publishing is similar to renovating a home. The date seems to always be pushed into the future.

Our final proof should be coming in the mail any day now, and once we approve that, the book will be available on and in 3 days and in bookstores in 6 weeks!

On another note, I have filmed 2 cooking demos and have so far uploaded 2 demos, 1 blooper, and I am going to upload the last blooper video tomorrow. If you’d like to check out my youtube channel, my username is SATgourmet. You can also watch my videos on my website!


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