One Step Closer

Yesterday, my Mom and I talked with Kristin, our representative from Team 3, the design team assigned to my book by my publisher, CreateSpace. Our phone conversation took about an hour, during which we discussed our requirements and the design team’s input. We learned that the entire process of formatting the book could take as long as 5 weeks, including our editing. Consequently, my Mom and I decided to spend the majority of the day editing and revising the book as much as we could, in hopes of keeping the formatting time to a minimum. We sent the revised version to Kristin late in the afternoon on Saturday. The design team formatting commences tomorrow!

Today, I decided to attempt filming the recipe for apple strudel, one of the more challenging desserts in my book, which I am going to have to redo because I didn’t love the outcome. It won’t be a total waste because at least I get to use the material from that video to help future videos.

It’s not an easy process, but it’s well worth it.


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