After a long and somewhat grueling process, I am proud to announce that on July 4th 2011, my Mom and I submitted our book to the book formatter/publisher! “Cook Your Way Through The S.A.T.” (also known as: CYWTTSAT) has been a passionate project of ours for about 2 years, and to finally have it almost finished, is surreal!

I’ve started filming a few cooking demos for my website. I plan to cook some of the more challenging recipes in my book, and then post them for anyone who is confused about a particular recipe or just wants to watch a video. Please feel free to comment and request recipes for filming.

Although I absolutely love filming, I have come to realize that it’s not as easy as the television stars of Food Network make it seem. As of now, I’m a bit awkward in front of the camera and slightly shy, but I do think that will change with experience. Cooking on camera can catch all of the mess-ups I experience in the kitchen, and I am going to have a small part at the end of the demo consist of a few bloopers, just to add some more fun!


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